seasoned hardwood logs

Our logs are sold by the loose cubic metre and delivered to your door.

our firewood

We sell our seasoned hardwood logs in two sizes; those cut to a length of 25cm (10”) for an average burner or 20cm (8″) logs for the smaller burner.

If you order more than 1m3 then we will deliver your logs in our tipper trailer.

However you receive your order the logs will be tipped in a place of your convenience.

Size8 - 9 Inches SOLD OUT
10 Inches 10 Inches10 Inches
Quantity1m3 1m32m33m3

our kindling

We also offer traditional recycled kindling to help you get your fire going.
Quantity1-5 bags

6 bags or more

Cost£5.50 per bag£5 per bag