Our seasoned hardwood logs are for sale from our farm in Purely on Thames, near Reading. Sustainably produced, our logs are sold by the cubic metre, and delivered to your door with minimum road miles. We also sell recycled kindling to help you get your fire going.

We are a family business and focus on producing good quality, well seasoned logs that burn well and won’t clog up your chimney. We offer free delivery on orders of 1 cubic metre or more for customers who live within our free delivery zone. To see if you are within our free delivery zone please view our map.

Seasoned hardwood logs for sale near me: To find out more about the size and quantities we have on offer visit the log store.

Our well seasoned logs are the sustainable by-product of our carefully managed woodlands, and as demand for our locally sourced, seasoned hardwood has grown, we also utilise a network of local forestry professionals. However, all of our logs conform to the same high quality, and travel minimal road miles.

Seasoned hardwood logs for sale near me Seasoned hardwood logs for sale near me

One common question that we often answer is ‘what is the difference between hardwood and softwood?

Basically it comes down to this… If when a trees loses it’s leaves, they have some sort of covering (be it in the form of a shell or fruit), then the wood of that tree will be classified as hardwood. However, if the seeds are simply left to the elements when they fall, then the wood is termed softwood.

Generally, hardwood comes from a deciduous tree which loses its leaves annually and softwood comes from a conifer, or evergreen. Hardwoods tend to grow slower, and so are usually denser.

So why use seasoned hardwood logs on my fire?

Heat, in a word. To give off the maximum amount of heat, you want your fire to burn as hot as possible. Although they take longer to season, hardwood logs, being very dense burn hotter and longer.

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